Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 5 – 9:30 pm
Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 5 – 9:30 pm

Jamie Lynne Curtismith Spring/Summer 2022

Jamie’s unique style of provocative propaganda (ProvoProp) transcends the neo-expressionism of our post-truth reality. Using recycled materials on hand and various resourcves at her disposal, Jamie layers multifarious substances to build an understanding of corporeality.

Jamie also happens to be an Engineer with an MBA. She’s worked as an engineer at Boeing, a stockbroker on Wall Street, owned and operated several of her own businesses, taught college level business classes, directed the SBAs NW Women’s Business Center, managed Washington States first legal sungrown cannabis operation, and remains passionate about legalizing nature. She lives with her artistically endowed mother and creatively brilliant teenage children in Everett, Washington.

Contact Jamie: Instagram: Jamie Lynne Curtismith

Suzanne McQuen Winter 2022

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